NBA 2K20 Ad for MyTeam Isn’t Going Over Well With Fans, Probably Because of Gambling-Like Antics

Here we are again, folks. Publisher 2K has found itself in hot water with its NBA 2K community. And, once more, the trouble stems from its loot box practices. To show off NBA 2K20‘s MyTeam mode, 2K released a new trailer nearly two minutes in length. It is quite… something, too. When watching it, do not expect to see a whole lot of basketball being played. Instead, what’s on display are people sitting on their couch, engaging in gambling-like practices. In a basketball game, no less.

See it for yourself in the video linked below:

MyTeam as a mode is the dream, really. You build your own team of players based on the NBA’s current roster and those of the past. This is cleverly done with card packs in the style of trading cards. Players can earn the cards by purchasing packs with Virtual Currency (VC) or by visiting the Auction House to barter cards with other players online. It seems innocuous enough, until loot boxes and other gambling-esque methods enter the picture, of course.

In the trailer above, for instance, the MyTeam mode is shown off via gameplay featuring a slot machine, prize wheel, and ball drop-style of minigame. Two players are depicted reacting to the minigames as though they are in a casino setting with cash prizes on the line. It seems pretty odd to say the least, and fans clearly are not happy. This much is evidenced by the trailer’s YouTube posting. Since 2K added it to the NBA 2K YouTube channel, the trailer has amassed over 120,000 views. At the time of writing, the video has 3.4 thousand likes, but more than 11,000 thousand dislikes. The comments are also indicative of the upset felt amongst the community. The trailer can still be found with a link, but it is currently “unlisted.”

NBA 2K20 will hit the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on September 6th.