Some Players Are Already Encountering Unskippable Ads in NBA 2K20

It would seem unskippable ads have found their way into NBA 2K20. This is despite similar advertisements ruffling the feathers of players in NBA 2K19 earlier this summer. Over the weekend, Reddit user Boostermiester shared a screenshot of an unskippable ad in NBA 2K20. The ad, which is for Converse, appears on a screen even after the player’s game seems to have loaded.

The image below features a screenshot of the Converse ad in question:

nba 2k20 ads

Another user in the Reddit thread said they, too, recently spotted an unskippable Express ad, while trying to load in to a MyCareer match. A different user responded with a similar story, saying they’ve come across two, thus far.

At the time of writing, it does not appear as though 2K Games has addressed the ads. Given the lack of response with regards to similar controversy in NBA 2K19 earlier this year, the company probably won’t make a statement this time, either.

This serves as just another bit of controversy surrounding NBA 2K20’s recent launch. Even before the latest basketball title hit stores, 2K received backlash because of myriad microtransaction practices. And who can forget the now infamous gambling-esque MyTeam trailer that set the internet ablaze? The trailer’s YouTube video currently has over 285,000 views, nearly 4,000 likes, and a whopping 34,000 dislikes.

Despite all of the above troubles, NBA 2K20 has been no slouch on the market. The title opened at number one on the UK sales charts back in September. In the United States, it took the top spot on the NPD charts for the entire month of September. If some fans are rolling back their support of the series, it doesn’t seem to be on display just yet.

[Source: Reddit via TwistedVoxel]