Ubisoft Shows Major Love For PS3, Debuts Shaun White Skateboarding

As Shaun White and Joel McHale sit on state-of-the-art (or not) French furniture, Ubisoft demoes Shaun White Skateboarding, attempting to bring a world of dull sadness to life.

Shaun White has now migrated from the mountain to the pavement with Shaun White Skateboarding. A heavy amount of detail has been included to place you directly in Shaun’s shoes, from a catalog of 80+ tricks to some truly impressive stunts and voice-over work.

In addition, Ubisoft decided to play special emphasis on the Dualshock 3 controller in the player’s hands, promoting the PS3 yet again, which is quickly becoming a trend this year.

The details we already knew for this Shaun White Skateboarding were players can stretch and twist handrails to dizzying heights, empty fountains to create bowls, morph streets into ramps and much more. 80+ skate tricks hand-picked by Shaun gives players the opportunity to pull off real skate moves. Shaun White Skateboarding will also feature a multiplayer online component for players to skate it out online in the plethora of game modes.

Check out the game’s trailer below:

Shaun White Skateboarding is currently scheduled for a release this fall for the PS3, 360 and Wii.