PS3 Version of Shaun White Skateboarding Recalled from Retail

A leaked retail memo seems to reveal that the PS3 version of Shaun White Skateboarding has been pulled from retailers. This isn’t the first PS3 game in recent months to have been delayed. What gives?

First it was SOCOM 4, then it was LittleBigPlanet 2. Shortly followed by DC Universe Online and then most recently Gran Turismo 5. Now Shaun White Skateboarding has been delayed getting close and closer to its release date. Also interesting, is that the Xbox 360 and Wii versions of the game have not been affected. According to the blog Fist Full of Potions, a memo (which appears to be from Target) cites “quality issues” to be the case of the immediate delay of the game. Gamestop and Gamefly have also changed their release days for the game. No one knows what happened, only that it did.

Fortunately, the problem is being corrected as we speak. In an official statement from Sony regarding the issue:

“There was a manufacturing issue with a misprinted disc at Sony Computer Entertainment America and the wrong version of the Shaun White Skateboarding PlayStation 3 game was shipped to retailers. We’re working with Ubisoft to correct the issue. New PS3 copies of the game will be shipped to North American retailers by Thursday, Oct. 28 and it will be available by that weekend.”

At least the issue is being taken care of. It’s not a development issue, as the game has already gone gold, and at least it isn’t like the indefinite postponing of NBA Elite 11. Skateboarding fans will only have to wait about a week to get their hands on the PS3 version of this game.