Kojima’s Secret Pointing Towards Sony E3 Announcement?

Hideo Kojima blew the lid off of Metal Gear Solid: Rising during yesterday’s E3 announcements. Since then the Kojima Productions E3 2010 “Special Site” has been updated again. What does this mean?

What was a flash image of knives and cutting that ended up being the promotion for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, has now become something different. Three images now line the site: one of last year Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, one of MGS:R, and a new image with merely a question mark.

No one knows what this means yet, but chances are pretty high that Kojima will come up on stage at the Sony E3 Press Conference later this afternoon and reveal his new game to the world. Will this be a game in the Metal Gear universe? Or perhaps a new Zone of the Enders game or even Policenauts? All we DO know, is that PlayStation LifeStyle will have all the news as soon as it hits, including HD footage of the game if it’s showcased in a demo of any sort. Yes, you saw that right, we’ll have HD footage as soon as it’s shown. Stay tuned, folks.

Metal Gear Rising was showcased yesterday during Microsoft’s E3 presser, and in case you missed the gameplay footage of the title, then check it out below: