Dead Nation E3 Impressions

Everybody loves killing zombies. Dead Nation is a top-down shooter for PSN where the player will have to fight across several levels and try to survive the zombie onslaught. I had a chance to get some hands on with the game to see how I would fare in the zombie apocalypse.

I played through one level of Dead Nation. The game controls like other top down shooters with the left analog stick for movement and the right for aiming. The shooting feels nice and accurate. I had three different weapons to use: a pistol, machine gun, and shotgun. The shotgun was particularly effective and the funnest gun to use. In addition to the three main weapons, I also had access to flares and land mines. Flares attract any zombies on screen toward wherever you throw it, and land mines will easily take out an entire hoard of zombies. You also have a boost ability. This will allow you to plow through a group of zombies if you need to get away or if you just want to knock them back. A meter on the screen lets you know how much boost you have and it will slowly replenish over time.

A price point was not given for Dead Nation at this time. The game will also feature co-op but it is not known if it will be local or online co-op. The release date hasn’t been announced, either. What I saw of Dead Nation was a lot of fun and I look forward to its release.