PlayStation Store Update Contains Something Special

Sony America had released the North American PlayStation Store E3 update just recently. Within the update contains something special which PlayStation owners have been clamoring for a long, long time.

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have already made it to the PlayStation Store and have seen been enjoying a solid, steady sales for a number of weeks now. However, another in-demand title is PSOne Classic is Final Fantasy IX. Square Enix has reassured fans on several occasions that the game will indeed arrive onto the PlayStation Store, and it’s finally here.

The European PlayStation Store already had it a few weeks back, and now fans’ favorite, Final Fantasy IX, has been included in the US PlayStation Store Update.

The development of the PlayStation Network version of Final Fantasy IX had already been completed and was released onto the Japanese PlayStation Store. Now gamers worldwide can finally get their hands on, which some claim to be the best iteration in the franchise, Final Fantasy 9.