Quantum Theory = Gears of War

Quantum Theory has largely been compared to Gears of War due to its similar style of gameplay. PlayStation LifeStyle got some hands on time with the game during E3 and it seems the game really is a Gears of War rip-off.

Our hands-on impressions talks about the Gears of War shadow the game is being bombarded by from critics and fans alike.

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Tecmo Koei and Quantum Theory, from PS3 exclusive to Multiplatform and multiple delays in between. With the game surely soon to be released, PlayStation LifeStyle got a hands on with the game at this years E3 and despite its few differences, this really is a Gears of War of a different color. Sadly though, it doesn’t look to be the blockbuster that Gears is, but check out below for our full impressions.

Overall the hands on with Quantum Theory did nothing to make me think this game could do anything to distance itself from the Gears of War shadow that has been cast over it by the industry. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if what the game did offer was a solid experience but from our time with the game, it just doesn’t. Hopefully the rest of the game is better then the part we played and it would be great to find out that is the case. However if that’s not the case and this game is truly set to release this summer as we were told, then I fear there may not be enough time for this one to get fixed, though there is always time for another delay right?

What do you think? Is Quantum Theory just a Gears of War rip-off? Or are you looking forward to the shooter? Let us know via the comments below.

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