Twisted Metal Info Explosion

David Jaffe, the all-around awesome industry wise guy and creative mind behind the recently announced PS3-exclusive Twisted Metal, has let loose a cornucopia of new info regarding the upcoming title.

Yes, Mr. Jaffe was kind enough to share quite a few details regarding Twisted Metal via his Twitter feed and we’ve got all of em’ right here. Let’s go through them tweet-by-tweet, shall we? First, Dave lays out the soundtrack plans for the title, stating what genres are currently slated to make it into the game, although these are subject to change.

The PLAN right now is to support: metal station, orchestral station, mash up of the 2, and custom soundtracks. Could change.

It’s always great to see custom soundtrack support utilized, but I guess we should have expected that with a first-party title. Next, Jaffe confirms that Twisted Metal will support offline 2-player co-op, as most racing, or battle racing, games should. In addition, the game most likely won’t support PlayStation Move and will run slightly below 60 fps, albeit stable.

Twisted PS3 support offline split screen 2 player co-op.

3D has to be 60 frames and we are not. We are gonna be rock solid stable but not 60. Move and Twisted don’t seem a great fit.

Another feature coming to Twisted Metal is one that we’ve heard very seldom of since the debut of PlayStation Move and that’s Sixaxis support; will Twisted Metal have it? Though minor, you betcha’.

Sixaxis only does one thing in TM: Slam it forward for a powerful ram dash attack.

Some may be wondering what ESRB rating this latest Twisted Metal outing will carry, well according to Jaffe, it will carry a ‘T for Teen’ rating to ensure maximum exposure, since an ‘M for Mature’ rating can cause the publisher to miss out on various store-exclusive advertising opportunities. As Jaffe brought up, Twisted Metal Black was highly rated, but sales were lackluster, more than likely because of the ‘M’ rating.

I would love to make the new TM ‘M’ but not at the expense of the numerous benefits we get if it’s a T. I think our stories will still be very twisted and fun and satisfying…just not hard R rated. More like Twisted Twilight Zone episodes.

A T rating means our tv commercial can air in LOTS more places and we can get in store support from TARGET, WALMART,etc.

When questioned about the possibility of downloadable content, Jaffe stated that plans are currently underway, so, as is becoming the norm, expect a good bit of DLC at some point down the road.

DLC plans are JUST NOW getting underway. So we’ll see.

And finally, for those of you wondering weather or not you’ll be able to get your hands on a limited collector’s edition of Twisted Metal, we’re sorry to announce that it probably won’t happen, however we know how good David is with the “cover-up”, so don’t give up hope just yet.

I don’t want to do a collector’s edition. I want all the behind the scenes stuff on the disk ala GOW 1. UNLESS Sony makes a cool ask prop- ex TOOTH MASK- to sell with collector’s edition. Then i’m in!

So let’s recap what we’ve read, shall we?

  • Metal and orchestral radio stations, along with custom soundtrack support
  • Offline split-screen 2 player co-op
  • Under 60 fps, but stable
  • No PlayStation Move support
  • Sixaxis functionality
  • ‘T for Teen’ ESRB rating
  • DLC coming
  • No collector’s edition

David Jaffe is not only a master of his craft, but a man who is dedicated to the many people that support him, as few developers bother to converse back and forth this much with their fan base. Twisted Metal is currently slated for release sometime 2011