Activision Moves Away from PlayStation Move

Both the Move and Kinect motion controllers took front stage at E3 2010. Although many gamers have voiced their concern about the shift toward casual motion controls, Sony and Microsoft seem confident in their ability to weave their respective technology into the framework of the current and upcoming library. However, Activision isn’t so enthusiastic, and are hesitating to move forward with the changing tides along with Sony and Microsoft.

In an interview between GameSpot and Activision COO Thomas Tippl, Thomas displayed a sense of discretion when talking about PlayStation Move and Kinect. Thomas Tippl stated the following:

“Down the road, as we see an install base emerging on these new innovations and user interfaces from Sony and Xbox, we will have certain games for which they will be suitable and open up new ways to innovate and enhance the user experience. You can see games like Tony Hawk would be obvious. Or in a fishing franchise from Rapalla, this type of [feature] could really enhance the experience. And that’s what we’re focused on. We don’t just want to introduce it everywhere whether it’s going to get the player a better experience [or not].”

While the Move and Kinect haven’t become the primary form of entertainment for either console yet, both are being marketed heavily. PlayStation Move has been shown as an optional device, so investment toward a game that supports it doesn’t mean the game has to rely on the controller. SOCOM 4 is a pure marvel on Move, and to see such a hardcore title work so well on the controller really should draw the attention of one of the largest gaming corporations in the world.