Sony Working With ‘Big Hitters’ from Hollywood on PSN Exclusive Content

Since its launch alongside the PlayStation 3 back in November, 2006, the PlayStation Network has blossomed into a thriving platform for games and gamers, as well as a profitable business venture for Sony and their publishing partners. Over the years, the service has evolved in many ways. There’s now integration with Facebook, Trophy support, and the newly released PlayStation Plus, which brings a subscription-based premium service to the platform. Sony has also had success in delivering original video content with Pulse, Qore and The Tester.

The Tester was Sony’s stab at PlayStation meets reality TV, only available to download digitally via the PlayStation Network. It was so well received that Sony is currently casting for The Tester Season 2. Apparently, The Tester may have sparked some interest in the PlayStation Network, by some “big hitters in the Hollywood space”.

It seems as though Tinseltown has some “fun things cooking” for the PS3 and the PlayStation Network. In a recent interview with Sony’s Senior Director of PlayStation Network, Susan Panico, she reveals Sony’s long-term content strategy:

There is nothing I can announce, but original programming is a really important part of our long-term strategy. We need to create content you can’t get anywhere else. We started with Pulse and Qore, that are much more informational, but still entertaining. Then we moved into Tester. It totally makes sense for us to keep widening that content strategy for things that still appeal to a 90% male demographic in that 18 to 35 age range. There are some stuff in the pipe, but that is all I can say. I think there’s a lot of programming opportunities from some pretty big hitters in the Hollywood space, that want to take advantage of the PlayStation 3 platform and the PlayStation Network. There are some fun things cooking.

Panico continues:

We’re just trying to provide that total comprehensive entertainment experience in one place. And we’ve been doing a good job of keeping that momentum up.

Hopefully we’ll find out what these “fun things” Sony has in store for the PlayStation Network and us gamers, soon.