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Take Your White Knights With You

Get ready for more epic adventures on the go, White Knight Chronicles is coming to the PlayStation Portable.

Famitsu has just revealed the PS3 Role-Playing favorite White Knight Chronicles series was just announced to be coming to PSP. Temporarily titled as “White Knight Chronicles: New Project” (pretty original, don’t you think?), the game is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. Don’t worry though, the concept work is still being headed up by Level-5. While White Knight Chronicles 2 is being released in Japan next month and is considered to be the end of the story arc, New Project is taking place in an entirely “new world.” According to the Famitsu article:

“Leonard’s story approaches a conclusion in White Knight Chronicles 2. This signals the end to the 10,000 year war between light and dark, known as the Dogma War. The PlayStation 3 White Knight Chronicles comes to a conclusion here. However, a completely new White Knight Chronicles starts. White Knight Chronicles New Project: A story of your avatar and new allies, told on the PlayStation Portable, is set to start in 2011.”

The Famitsu reveal is still just a tease, so expect more information in the coming months, especially after WKC2 comes out. Until then, why don’t you check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the game?