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Next Warhawk Team Title to be Revealed Soon

A trademark filed by Sony quite a while ago – Starhawk – had sparked speculation that an even more futuristic sequel to the multiplayer-only combat game, Warhawk, could be in the works. President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has now said that the next game from famed developers, Lightbox Interactive, should be unveiled soon.

Speaking with Joystiq, the person behind Sony’s first party titles, Shuhei Yoshida, stated:

I was expecting that it’s about time we should update the status of what the team is doing.

He added:

The team has been working on something new for a while, and I wouldn’t be surprised if are able to soon talk about it, but not at this time.

Considering that Warhawk is a planet-bound shooter with a large focus on air combat, a space-combat adaptation of the PlayStation 3 exclusive seems like a natural extension that would fit under the name: Starhawk.