Current Generation to End in 2012 According to Capcom COO

July 5, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

It has been four years since Sony officially unleashed their current platform, the PlayStation 3. While the road since then has been a difficult one, many would argue that Sony is now in a good place with a phenomenal game library and much improved sales. However, the road might not last much longer according to an executive at Capcom.

While talking with, COO of Capcom David Reeves suggested that we’ll be seeing the next generation of console hardware in only a couple years. Reeves said the following:

“I honestly think in two or three years’ time we’re going to see much more of a breakthrough in terms of the way we control games, much more than Kinect or Move are offering. A lot of people are working on that type of thing in Scandinavia, Japan and the US. How to control games in a much more accurate way. I know from working on Move, which started four or five years ago, when we had a big box in a room to get the whole thing working. It’s come down to something much smaller now.”

Reeves went on to suggest that the upcoming motion controllers are simply a quick-stop for the current generation of consoles and will only buy Microsoft and Sony about two years. While that’s an interesting suggestion, the power of the PlayStation 3 has only begun to be fully explored in the past six months or so. Then there’s the recession that everyone’s talking about, and an avalanche of upcoming titles such as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agent to keep gamers satisfied. Dare I suggest that the next PlayStation shouldn’t be released until at least late 2013?