Hulu: PlayStation Plus Not Required for Hulu Plus

Since the announcement of Hulu’s aptly named paid service, Hulu Plus, and it’s impending support for the PlayStation 3, there’s been a lot of confusion and negativity surrounding just what exactly it means for the millions of registered PSN account holders who are eagerly anticipating it’s public release but have yet to decide on whether or not they should upgrade to Sony’s latest offering, PlayStation Plus.

Whether $10 a month is worth access to current and past episodes of your favorite shows is something you’ll have to decide for yourself, much like the decision to upgrade to PlayStation Plus and enjoy all of its benefits. But that’s not the issue. The issue here is the unappealing notion of having to purchase the latter in order to take pleasure in the former, which has had the PlayStation community in an uproar over the past few days.

Attempts to contact Hulu directly were unsuccessful, however a wonderful tipster did get through and was kind enough to send us Hulu’s response to the matter.

With the launch of Hulu Plus there have been many rumors started and we are trying our best to remedy the situation. Specifically to your question, the Playstation Plus service is only a requirement during the preview period.

Once the preview period ends you should be able to download the Hulu Plus app but that will still require the Hulu Plus subscription.

Right now we are limiting the number of users but Hulu Plus will be launching to the public very soon so stay tuned!

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Now, can we all please put down our torch ‘n pitchforks and move on?

Thanks, Todd!