‘Hulu Plus’ Confirmed for PS3; Coming Soon

Hulu has just announced ‘Hulu Plus’ a premier subscription service that allows HD access of some of network television’s best on a variety of platforms for $9.99 a month. What’s this got to do with us PlayStation 3 owners? One of those platforms is the PS3 and it’s coming soon.

It seems as though the rumors were true. Hulu is indeed coming to the PlayStation 3 as part of Hulu’s premium service ‘Hulu Plus’. The service, which is launching today to select Hulu members who got an invite, will be coming to the PS3 at a later date.

The $9.99 per month subscription gives you access to over 100 content providers including the shows displayed in the image below (Click for full size):

No exact release date for the PS3 has been provided, only it only says “coming soon” on Hulu’s list of supported devices. Sorry, Xbox 360, you’ll have to wait until “Early 2011” for the premium Hulu service.