Capcom ‘Big Announcment’ This Thursday

July 6, 2010Written by Andrej Cilkov

The legendary Capcom which brought the world the Street Fighter and Resident Evil series, have made a recent Twitter broadcast promising something big this upcoming Thursday.

The Capcom Euro Twitter stated:

Big announcement… 2 days to go!

This isn’t the first twit that Capcom or one of its legendary developers have released this week hinting at a big announcement.

Indeed it is mysterious for both Capcom and Yoshi to both proclaim a big ‘announcement’ in the same week and even one which could top their best selling series on the PS3. But one must not forget how Capcom promised a big revelation at E3 and for it to only to be their E3 line-up, which wasn’t exactly enthralling.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more information in the upcoming days.