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Godly First Gameplay Footage of Ghost of Sparta

Kratos returned during E3 this year, putting all the rain speculation to rest, as it was finally unveiled that the next God of War installment, Ghost of Sparta, will hit the PSP. Surely this will be just another ‘spin-off’ title to keep fans of the series amused before another true sequel comes out, right? Wrong, but don’t take our word for it, check out the first gameplay footage after the jump.

Set after the events of GOW and during the early part of Kratos’ reign as a God, Ghost of Sparta will pick up with Kratos venturing into Atlantis, filling in plot holes purposely mentioned by Poseidon in God of War 3. Fans of Chains of Olympus may not be surprised by the graphical prowess of the beast that is the PSP, but those who have not tried the Kratos’s prequel may easily mistake this footage for a product of the PlayStation 2. Check the video out for yourself: