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Spartans Standing Tall Despite Pouring Rain; Kratos “Definitely” Could Live On

April 28, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

Obtaining a Platinum Trophy in Kratos’ latest adventure nets you more than just bragging rights and a higher PSN trophy level. It also gives you a web address that when punched into your web browser of choice brings you to a teaser site that revealed very little except for pouring rain and what looks like to be a countdown timer of sorts. The last time the timer updated was March 28th, which was very shortly after the launch of God of War III. Now, again on April 28th, the teaser site has updated again. This time revealing what appears to be a reflection of a god in the water.

As the lightning flashes, you’re greeted with the below apparition. We’ve speculated before on what we thought it might be, however this appears to be something else entirely. In fact, the figure in the reflection appears to be Kratos himself, only adorn with a toga, or as the Greek call it a chiton.

Could Kratos, having defeated the Gods of Olympus went on to become a god himself? We’ll have to wait and see, and apparently, we’ll have to wait until May 28th for more information. Which if you have your calenders marked like I do, is right before E3 hits in June.

A recent interview with the game’s director, Stig Asmussen adds credence to this theory, as Stig himself concludes that Kratos’ immortality “definitely” allows him to continue on to another series:

I don’t know if he’s dead or alive right now–maybe he is dead, and that’s it. We kept the Blade of Olympus around as well, and we’ve got ideas of things we could do with that. Maybe there’s powers contained within the Blades of Olympus; maybe there’s a little piece of Kratos that’s still inside there. There’s a couple different tools we could use, and there’s definitely room to expand on things.

If I were to bring Kratos back, I know exactly how I would want to do it. But I can’t tell you. I know exactly how I would do it, and it’s not anything you’d expect, guaranteed.

One thing is for sure, the God of War franchise will be continued in some way. Spartans! Stand Tall! Click the below image for full size.