Vanquish Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

July 9, 2010Written by Max Murray

Sega’s upcoming Sci-Fi shooter, Vanquish, is capturing lots of attention with its high adrenaline, frenzied pace and complete arsenal of robotic destruction at your finger tips. Now, the first details of DLC weapons for Japan have been revealed.

As a preorder bonus, players will be given an access code for a DLC weapons pack that features three new weapons- the Boost Machine Gun, an Anti-Armor Pistol, and a Laser Cannon. Players will not be able to unlock the guns in game as they are purely extra content.

To those who may be unable to or miss out on a chance to pre-order before launch, but still want a full arsenal, fret not- Sega confirmed that the content will be available for purchase within weeks of the game’s launch.

Laser Cannon

Boost Machine Gun

Anti-Armor Pistol

What do you think, would you pre-order if these came stateside? Check out our hands-on of Vanquish here for a first-look at this incredible new title.