street fighter 6 release date

Street Fighter 6 Release Date and Pre-order Editions Leaked

Sony Interactive Entertainment strikes again. This time, the company has leaked Street Fighter 6 release date and pre-order editions, which were presumably set for an announcement at The Game Awards 2022 tonight. Earlier today, SIE Japan ended up leaking Forspoken demo, also seemingly set for a reveal tonight. Yikes!

Street Fighter 6 release date and pre-order editions details

According to the PS Store, Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2, 2023. Three pre-order editions will be available for a limited time: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. In case you’re wondering why the standard edition has been listed as a “limited time pre-order,” it has to do with the pre-order bonuses associated with it. Weird way to word it, but what it means is that after the game’s launch, you won’t get the freebies with the various digital editions on PS Store. Click or open the image below in a new window to enlarge for more info.

Image credit: Neoxon (ResetEra)

From the image above, it looks like Street Fighter 6 will have two types of content passes: Character Pass and Ultimate Pass. We’re assuming the former offers new characters only whereas the latter probably comes with new characters as well as new skins, new stages, etc.

We’ll find out more tonight so stay tuned!