Trine Patch Released in US

Frozenbyte’s Trine was and currently still is one of the PlayStation Network’s best valued games. It also has a platinum trophy to be acquired, something which you don’t normally see in PSN-only titles, however, trophy art was not present for the game as well as various bugs being reported. A European patch was released to help address these problems, and now the patch for the US version of the platformer has finally been released.

The update fixes the following:

  • Adds failsafe for unlocking Very Hard difficulty
  • Fixes a respawn bug in Iron Forge (co-op) near the first gate
  • Fixes a rare crash when the player touches a falling rock as it breaks (Crystal Caverns)
  • Fixes a rare crash when a water splash effect is played while the player exits to menus
  • Fixes a rare bug that occurred when the player switched characters and died simultaneously
  • Fixes final boss animations sometimes not working properly (Tower of Sarek)
  • Fixes a co-op respawn bug with the last checkpoint (Tower of Sarek)
  • Fixes a collision issue in the Iron Forge level (caused the Thief to take damage from lava)
  • Fixes several oxygen gauge bugs
  • Fixes autoaim bugs in Tower of Sarek
  • Fixes the Boots item to work properly (reduces spike/goo damage)
  • Fixes random failure of overwriting save slots in the New Game menu
  • Fixes Credits section names

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Following the game’s success, Trine’s successor was recently revealed and trailered.