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Two New Marvel Characters Coming to LBP

July 13, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

On July 6th Media Molecule released the first collection of Marvel Super Hero and Super Villain costumes including Iron Man, Thing, Mystique, Daredevil and Doctor Octopus. Along with the costume pack we also got a Level pack. This week Marvel is revealing what characters we are going to see in the next costume pack.

Yesterday they showed the first character in the new pack Spiderman. Of course, no Marvel collection would be complete without everyone’s favorite web-slinger.

Today we got our first glimpse at the second character coming. Fantastic Four member Johnny Storm known also as the Human Torch. With the Human Torch joining The Thing who was in the first DLC pack it seems like only a matter of time till we see the rest of the Fantastic Four.

Throughout the week Marvel will be releasing new info on the other characters. They did provide us with a hint on who we will be seeing tomorrow:

Come back tomorrow for your first look at a deadly and adorable “LittleBigPlanet” Marvel assassin’s costume

So who do you think the next Marvel character will be?

The DLC pack will release on PSN July 20th.