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Jaffe ‘Serious’ About Some Twisted Gaming

July 14, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Renowned PlayStation developer, David Jaffe, is best known for his contributions of the God of War and Twisted Metal franchises to the wonderful world of gaming. Just like the real world, though, video games have matured throughout the years with masterpieces that have not only rivaled but even surpassed other forms of media. While it is clear that video games are stereotypically not just for children anymore, this staple-developer is not 100-percent thrilled by this notion.

“I love epic games—all of that, but I think one of the things that feels lacking to me… in terms of 360 and PS3, there’s kind of a seriousness about games these days. It comes because the industry is maturing and that’s wonderful, but I really like Twisted because there’s the throwback aspect to when things were more pure and fun.”

Fans of the Twisted Metal series should be delighted to hear that the PSOne original’s PlayStation 3 sequel is not turning into a Twisted Metal Gear Solid (even though a Kojima plus Jaffe collaboration would be an interesting match made in hell) but staying true to the roots of the car-combat racer. Needless to say, with Twisted Metal PS3 being handled by the originating key members, we would not expect anything more or less.

Twisted Metal PS3 will hit store shelves next year in 2011. While we can relate heavily with what Jaffe is saying, we are pretty sure there are comical games out there in this generation of gaming. Does any particular title ring any bells to this claim? Tell us in the comments below and stay connected to PlayStation LifeStyle.