Top 4 PS3 Exclusives That Deserve a Sequel

Several PS3 exclusives have firmly cemented a place into a gamers hearts, yet sadly, many of them didn’t get a sequel. PlayStation LifeStyle lists our top 4 PS3 exclusives deserving of a sequel.

4 - Lair

Although the game bombed both critically, and at retail, the premise for Lair was a great idea. Who wouldn’t want to control flying, fire-breathing dragons as they lay waste to massive armies of human soldiers. Toasty! Lair was developed by Factor 5, the team behind the hugely popular Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series on the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube. So it was expected that the combination of their in-flight expertise and the medieval setting with flying-dragon combat would make for a stellar PS3 release. Sadly, Lair was created and released during a time when developers couldn’t get a firm grasp on the PS3’s complex architecture, and the end result was a disaster. We still believe that Lair should get a sequel, because the game’s premise, gorgeous visuals, and beautiful orchestral soundtrack could be highly successful if placed within the hands of a veteran PS3 development team.

3 - Warhawk

A trademark filed by Sony, cleverly named Starhawk, had immediately started speculation regarding an even more futuristic sequel to the PlayStation 3 exclusive Warhawk. Shuhei Yoshida recently stated that Lightbox Interactive’s next project should be revealed soon. Gamescom it is, then (hopefully).

2 - Heavenly Sword

Ninja Theory has talked a lot about the PlayStation 3 recently. Despite being highly regarded for making one of the best PlayStation 3 exclusives to date, Heavenly Sword, the developers stated they did not make any profit with the game, hence one of the reason for making their latest game, Enslaved, multiplatform. Heavenly Sword 2 was seemingly on the cards, but unfortunately never came around. However, we can dream still, can’t we?

1 - Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls. The PlayStation 3 exclusive notoriously known for its unforgiving difficulty definitely deserves a sequel. A sequel would only make sense for both Atlus and Sony – judging by the game’s commercial as well as critical success.

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