Ninja Theory: Heavenly Sword 2 Was On The Cards

Ninja Theory, the famed developer of Heavenly Sword on the PlayStation 3 is currently working on their recently announced project called Enslaved. With Heavenly Sword receiving decent reviews, it would seem to be only a matter of time before Ninja Theory started on Heavenly Sword 2 with the PS3’s tech under control. But today in an interview with CVG Ninja Theory explains the multiplatform stance and the reason for not following up on Heavenly Sword.

According to the studio boss Tameem Antoniades, Ninja Theory made no revenue from Heavenly Sword and had to go multiplatform to save the UK based developer:

“I don’t know if Sony made any money on Heavenly Sword but we didn’t,” he said, adding that the studio’s survival meant it had to quit being PS3 exclusive.”

“There are pros and cons, if you’re exclusive you get more attention but when you’re multi-platform, at this stage in the cycle, there’s more competition. You’ve got to weigh it against each other,” he added.

“But we couldn’t do Heavenly Sword 2 as a multi-platform because it’s owned by Sony, the tech we developed for that game is also owned by Sony.”

“Would Ninja Theory of done it? Probably, I think we would have,”

“But there’s a different dynamic with a platform holder. I mean, we signed up and we happy to sign up to it because it allowed our studio to grow and we’re really grateful for that, but it feels like as a studio we need to think about the next few years, the next games we release.

“We want them to be multi-platform so we had to come up with a new idea”

Ninja Theory’s current project, Enslaved, is set to launch sometime in 2010 as a multiplatform title. Check out our E3 impressions of the game. Also check out the latest trailer if you haven’t done so already.