Minis Developers Requesting Trophy Support

July 16, 2010Written by Max Murray

Minis developers sat down recently in a chatroom to discuss upcoming ideas, previous projects, and thoughts about the minis initiative. Four developing agencies were represented, commenting on user’s questions, and even keying in on the future of their field and their desires; most notably, trophy support with minis.

Speaking with SCEE, the four separate groups spoke about how many projects they typically develop at once, current minis that they’ve enjoyed, and gave advice to anyone wishing to enter the field, but most encapsulating was the reveal that developers (plural) are actively attempting to persuade Sony to enable minis to have trophy support. Said Martin Brouard from Frima:

“I see lots of unpublished comments requesting trophies for Minis. Let me tell you we are requesting them too :-). Crossing our fingers.”

And less than a minute later, two other agencies chimed in:

MediatonicPaul: “We are also requesting them :)”

Antonio Jose (StormBASIC): “And we!”

This is certainly great news, as we now know that the push for greater trophy support on Sony is not just from one end, but by users and creators alike. The ball is in Sony’s court, and even though trophy inclusion for minis could be an easy update to our favorite trophy-supported home console, the drawback is likely to be the PSP for the same reason we have not seen trophies on the portable title thus far: Piracy.

But let’s hear it! How much would you love to see trophies in other areas of the PlayStation franchise?