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Young Thor Thunderbolts Onto PSP With Trailer

Another electrifying “miniS” (or is it ‘mini’ since it’s singular?) is close to debuting on the PSP, developed by the same talented team who brought you the extremely gratifying Zombie Tycoon. This time Frima gives their unique take on Norse Mythology.

In Young Thor you take on the role of Odin’s son,as you battle Hel, daughter of Loki who is also the God of Mischief. As you rumble through Midgard (world of men) and Asgard (world of the Gods) trying to eradicate Hel and save the tree of Yggdrasil, you’ll also be exploring the four various worlds as well as scuffling through various different enemies and mystical creatures. With Tons of attacks and 50 distinctive in-game achievables to unlock as you progress through the adventure of Young Thor, as well as an addictive leveling system, Young Thor: Thunderbolts will keep you hooked till you reach level 99.

Still not sure about this formidable hack and slash mini game? Just take a look at the trailer for young Thor.

Young Thor will be released on July 20th for just $4.99 and will also be playable on the PS3 console.