Bowling Says You Won’t Ever Pay For MW2 or CoD Online

Rumors have been circulating the Internet regarding Activision eventually charging for their highly-popular multiplayer titles. Now, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has confirmed that the rumors are false as he has stated that no one will ever pay to play Call of Duty or Modern Warfare 2 online.

Speaking on his Twitter account, Bowling tweeted:

Modern Warfare 2 subscription plan rumors going around. For the record, nobody has to pay to play COD or MW2 multiplayer, nor will they.

Michael Pachter recently discussed that games like Call of Duty, where the multiplayer component shines, should be subscription based for users. Well, looks like that won’t happen now. Ever.


Looks like this is indeed the same case for Call of Duty: Black Ops, as Treyarch’s community manager just tweeted the following:

No, you will not have to ‘Pay to Play’ #CODBlackOps Multiplayer either. Rumor -> Squashed.

There you have it, then. You won’t be paying to player multiplayer for a Call of Duty game any time soon. Rejoice gamers.