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Kojimas Next Game to Be Adventure Title

Chiyomaru Shikura, CEO of 5pb, has revealed in a recent interview that the famed developer who brought the world the Metal Gear Solid franchise, is now working on an adventure game. Whenever Japan says “adventure game” they genuinely mean ‘visual novel”. Nevertheless, this new game will be the third installment in a “conceptual science series”.

4gamer asked Shikura if he was working on one – of two – of his projects with the legendary Hideo Kojima, Shikura replied:

“Kojima told me that he wanted to make an adventure game. We’re at the still stage where we need to go to a secluded spot in the mountains and hash this project out, and thus, we don’t have any of the minute details hammered out.”

He further implied:

“The meaning of why I am personally connected to this project is that this is the third entry in a conceptual science series, and that it is a project with Kojima.”

If you recall one of Kojimas earlier tweets about his upcoming project “challenging a certain type taboo” and that he has a powerful ally to assist him, well it seems that there is some truth and proof that Kojima won’t be facing his possible last development alone. Suda, creator of the eminent ‘No More Heroes’ was pictured with both Shikura and Kojima in early May. So it seems that Kojimas next project won’t be MGS 5 as speculated by some and the possibility for Zone Of Enders 3 is still alive and kicking.

5pb has published some intriguing titles such as ‘Chaos Head’ and ‘Steins Gate’  including a occasional arcade-style shooter. While Goichi Suda is known best for his work on ‘No More Heroes’.

So what do you think this third conceptual science installment could be?