Netflix Coming to Canada This Year

July 20, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Canadian movie buffs have had plenty of great news regarding the PlayStation 3, with the announcement and release of the PlayStation Network video store, but users have still been missing out on all of the treats that United States consumers have had access to, such as Hulu Plus and Netflix. Fortunately for Canadian consumers, one of these services is moving north of the border.

According to a press release from Netflix , the subscription-based movie distribution service is coming to Canada. But why is this entirely PS3 related? Interestingly, the service will only be available in the form of streaming rather than the traditional physical media rental procedure the service is best known for. That said, video game consoles may be the most viable method of streaming the Netflix service to televisions for Canadian residents.

Unfortunately for the Canucks, however, the service will not be available in the localized French language at launch but rest assured that the language option will be added after the service’s début in Canada this Fall.