Echochrome II Footage Shines Light on Gameplay Details

July 22, 2010Written by Max Murray

SCE Japan Studios is looking to stretch your mind, and expand your sense of imagination once again with their upcoming sequel to their phenomenal mind-bending title Echochrome. Enter with an open mind: Perspectives are, once again, looking to be dramatically altered.

The sequel builds on the theme from the first title: shifted perspectives. Armed with the PlayStation Move as a virtual flashlight, your job is to shine light on a block stage, as your character following the path you’ve created on the wall from the shadows.

However, a summary of this new gameplay style is almost a waste of time, as a demonstration of the game really speaks for itself. Take a look at the video shot by Kotaku below:


In the first Echochrome, you twist, flip and bend the view of the level in order to guide your character towards their destination. Echochrome II follows the same formula, but, amazingly, appears to have found a fresh new way to, once again, change the way you view a simple formation of blocks.