Sledgehammer’s Schofield Treated Poorly by EA

July 22, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

It looks like tension is brewing all through the gaming world between developers and their ex-publishers. First it was the infamous Infinity Ward fiasco. Last week saw DoubleFine’s Tim Schafer calling out Bobby Kotick and Activision. This week its Sledgehammer’s Glenn Schofield calling out EA for ‘treating him like shit’.

In a tweet, Schofield had this to say about his former employer EA,

“Wow, a year ago today I left EA. What a day that was. They really treated me like shit even after creating Dead Space 4 them.”

He later added even more to it,

“Seems my tweet got some attention. Didn’t mean to. But after a year of EA bashing us it’s good to get it off my chest.”

It looks like people just cannot seem to get along, can’t we all just be friends? Sledgehammer is currently working on a new Call of Duty title.