Jaffe Contemplating Twisted Multiplayer Beta

When people think of the PlayStation brand and the many series that have best represented it over the years, Twisted Metal is one of the first to come to mind. The series revolutionized multiplayer mayhem with its absolute car destruction, over the top characters, and deadly attacks. There have been a total of 9 other titles in the the Twisted Metal universe, that is until David Jaffe, the creator of the Twisted Metal franchise, finally revealed the 10th Twisted Metal title in the series at E3 this past June. We got to try the freshly announced Twisted Metal at E3, but when will gamers get to try it out?

In a recent interview with 1up.com, Twisted Metal and God of War creator, David Jaffe was asked if there would be a multiplayer beta before the game’s 2011 release. To which he replied:

I don’t know. I mean, certainly we’re going to do a beta for such a multiplayer and online-heavy game, but in terms of if it’s going to be a public beta, or if it’s going to be more of a semi-private beta, which is more… Eat Sleep Play, Sony, some members of the press, or some hardcore fans. There’s a great website called Twisted Metal Alliance — those guys are the hardest of the hardcore Twisted Metal players. We’re definitely going to want to get them in if we can get their opinions. But in terms of if it’s pure public or a bit of the semi-private, that’s still to be determined.

Given the fact that Twisted Metal fans have been waiting since the launch of the PlayStation 3 for a true next generation release in the series, a multiplayer beta for Twisted Metal would be much sought after.