Sony Charging a Fortune For One of The Worst PS3 Games

July 24, 2010Written by Kyle P.

One of the PlayStation 3’s original flagship titles, Lair, suffered greatly from horrendous SixAxis motion controls and left most gamers underwhelmed, due in large part to the immense hype Sony put on the title. Even though the title released almost three years ago, Sony has put a hefty price tag on a new copy of the game; leaving many confused as to why.

A quick peek at Sony’s official USA ‘parts and accessories store’ will reveal the price point for a new copy of Lair to be $79.99. That’s right, an almost three year old game costs more than a standard new game costs nowadays. Someone at Sony must have a wicked sense of humor, and this goes without saying, obviously this is an error. However, due to the hilarity of the situation, we thought it would be best to alert you, before the rogue employee fixes his mistake.

We suggest you avoid this exclusive Sony deal and go to your nearest GameStop, and pick up a used version of the game for $15.