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Third Set of MGS: Peace Walker DLC Arrives

July 24, 2010Written by Joseph Peterson

There is no doubt that the recently released Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is easily one of the best PSP titles to date, and is one of the main reasons to pickup one of the handhelds. Hideo Kojima has already stated that this title would have been Metal Gear Solid 5 had it been released on the consoles. There have already been two free packs of downloadable content, and the third has just been released…

The free pack which can be retrieved by heading to the Extras section includes the following:

  • Navy Blue Camo
  • Naked Navy Blue Camo
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Main Theme for Walkman
  • Cocoon – Human Voice for AI Voice
  • Koi no Yokushi-Ryoku Intro for Vocaloid Editor

How many of you have already picked up the highly acclaimed Peace Walker or plan to do so shortly?