Capcom Addresses Resident Evil 5 Versions with Move Compatibility

Resident Evil 5 will be receiving a fancy, free patch that will immediately allow full PlayStation Move integration. This was one of Sony’s biggest lineup titles when the Move was announced, and many fans were thrilled because of the popularity and massive sales the title received. Later though, the news was announced that only the Gold Edition would be receiving the update, and the widespread euphoria was rapidly replaced with fan feelings of betrayal. Why the tease, Capcom? Well, the answer is that it just won’t work.

The regular edition of Resident Evil 5 does not have the necessary memory reserves the Move requires, and a simple patch would not be enough to solve the problem. A re-haul of the information on disc was required for the Move to run efficiently with the game.

If you think about the timeline of the past few years and how Resident Evil 5 and the Move fit in, the answer is relatively understandable. Resident Evil 5 hit shelves in early 2009, a few months before Sony’s E3 debut of the Move. Therefore, during the production of RE5, the Move was nothing more than a thought and a scribble on a napkin shoved in someone’s drawer. Since Capcom had no knowledge of the Move or the potential it held with their future title, the necessary amount of memory the Move requires was occupied by a different function.

Sony probably approached Capcom in the months following E3 2009, because the “Alternative Edition” of Resident Evil 5 that was announced during the Tokyo Game Show was promised to include Move support.

While this news certainly won’t bode well with the majority of RE5 owners, it at least offers a little more clarity to the situation, and helps remove some of the negative light that Capcom had been bathed in following their initial announcement.