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Square Enix Continues Support for Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XI might be near a decade old, but that doesn’t stop playing from enjoying the vast world of Vana’diel. With Final Fantasy XIV, another MMO by Square Enix, nearing launch, many fans of the online classic are wondering if their time is winding down.

During an interview with Hiromichi Tanaka at Square Enix, Tanaka shared his thoughts on the longevity of the company’s first entry into the MMO market. When asked about whether or note Square Enix imagined FFXI lasting as long as it has, Tanaka replied:

“Usually the next generation of consoles will come in five years, so [at that time] we thought, “We will continue at least five years, up until towards the end of the PlayStation 2 generation.” But to be honest, we’re quite surprised that even the PS3 is out now and we’re still continuing…”

In direct response to the future operation of FFXI, Tanak said:

“However, of course, we will continue working on FFXI. Even after we launch FFXIV, we will still continue the development side. So, as long as the players enjoy the game, we will continue the service.”

Final Fantasy XI launched in May 16, 2002 and has enjoyed a steady subscription of hundreds of thousands of players across the globe. The upcoming Square Enix title Final Fantasy XIV looks to expand on what FFXI did both in terms of presentational and gameplay evolution, and with launch only two short months away, the hype for one of the biggest MMO launches in recent years is growing by the day. However, those that enjoy FFXI for what it is will be supported by Square Enix as long as they enjoy the title and keep playing.

Does this mean Square-Enix will be supporting FFXIV until 2020? Let’s hope so!