Sony Bringing in Foreign Consumers with ‘Gamer Kits’

July 30, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Recently, the fine folks at Sony Computer Entertainment America hosted their annual Destination PlayStation event with an outing in Cabo del Sol, Mexico this year for Latin America. Despite lagging sales of the now 10-year-old original PlayStation 2 home entertainment console, it is clear that Sony has no intent to pull the plug on the PS2. In fact, SCEA is looking to use their old to churn out gold gamers with their latest announcement for Central and South America.

Dubbed the “Gamer Kit”, Sony is using the PS2 and PSP systems to convert Latino Americans to the ‘PlayStation LifeStyle‘. Both the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable “Gamer Kits” contain everything an aspiring gamer needs to get into the wonderful world of PlayStation. Who knows? Maybe the PS2 and PSP starter kits will serve as a gateway for adopters to dive into the PlayStation 3.

Launching next month in August, the PlayStation 2 gamer kit will come complete with a PS2 system, two DualShock 2 controllers, an 8MB Memory Card, and to top it all off, three of the best PS2 games available. Sticking true to its portable nature, the PSP on the other hand will come bundled with a PSP handheld device, travelers case, and a similarly chosen set of three titles. In any case, though, Sony is clearly focusing on getting the PlayStation attachment rate out there by granting more support in regions like Canada to even releasing the latest hardware in a more timely manner such as the PlayStation Move in India.