Sony India: PS Move Launch Titles Aimed at the Family

July 12, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Who would have thought four years ago that the Nintendo Wii would claim the throne of this generation’s console war? No one, right? Afterall, the Gamecube ranked third overall in the last-gen war and was second only in Japan because no one over there gave a damn about the original XBOX (and they barely care about the 360). With the success of the Wii, it was only time before Sony and Microsoft wanted a piece of the ‘casual pie’. Sony’s answer to the motion craze, The PlayStation Move, hits this September and looks to bring together both the core and casual gamer with a variety of motion inspired titles. Sony India has chimed on the matter and while Core gamers might not like what they had to say, in the end, it will only help the PlayStation 3 reach a greater range of gamers. Hopefully.

Atindriya Bosa, Head of PlayStation India, was bombarded with various questions by avid fans about PlayStation 3 in India (which now has a install base of over 75,000!) on India. When asked about the PlayStation Move, Mr. Bosa answered that while the initial launch titles are geared to the family and casual gamers, the PS Move is for every type of gamer on the PS3.

The biggest strength of the PS Move is its capability of supporting a very wide genre of games. While the initial launch games will focus on the family audience with fun games, PS Move will also have focus on the core gamers. Given the precision factors, there will be a number of core games from the action/adventure/shooting genre that will be coming in with Move functionality. This will not be restricted to SCE games but will cover many of the other publishers’ titles also.

With the launch of PS Move, the motion sensing gaming can truly get into the domain of core gamers while enchanting the family gamers with fun games of their choice.

I know some of you are probably thinking ‘oh no, little timmy from the Wii and 360 is going to be online talking junk now’. Annoying? Yes. Will it help produce exciting news features and games for the PS3? Hell yes it will. Think about it for a minute. Sony already admitted that they will make a nice profit off the PlayStation Move and the various accessories this September. More money in Sony’s pockets means more PS3 exclusive titles and DLC. How is that ever a bad thing? Casual gamers buying PS3 and Move controller is only going to reward us Core gamers. This is Sony, not Nintendo. Sony isn’t going to suddenly release 85 casual gamers a year and release one Core title that the hardcore have been begging for. No way would Sony ever turn their back on the fanbase like that. This isn’t the Kinect, my friends. When Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 support the Move, you know Sony has us ALL in mind.

The PlayStation Move, the newest ‘platform’ of gaming on the PS3 launches this September 15th in Europe, September 19 in the US, and October 21st in Japan. With a great variety of games, including The Fight: Lights Out to Kung Fu Rider to TV Superstars to Time Crisis: Razing Storm, all priced at $39.99, something for ALL of us gamers to enjoy will be available.

So tell us in the comments below…Are you a part of the ‘Move’ment? or not?