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Square Enix Summons a Special Edition for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

July 30, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Of all the original IPs that Square Enix created during their glory days on the PlayStation 2, none can compare to the greatness that is the Kingdom Hearts series. When the idea for the series was first announced, many passed it off as a crossover that would never work. Little did they know it would become one of the company’s most popular franchises ever. The next ‘official’ entry in the series, KH: Birth by Sleep which is actually a prequel to the first game and will (hopefully) explain some of the convoluted storyline of the series. Square Enix isn’t pulling any punches as have recently revealed that KH:BBS will be getting a Special Edition, but it looks like our European mates have the upper hand this time.

For those of you diehard European Kingdom Hearts fans who are willing to shell out a few more dollars (or pounds in this case), you will be receiving the game, a special edition case, a 48-page ” The Art of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep” artbook AND exclusive BBS art prints. Not too shabby, eh? Also, I think we can all imagine there will be some crazy ‘after the credits’ video teasing you about the NEXT Kingdom Hearts game that probably won’t hit until the PlayStation 4, knowing SE’s track record. Ugh.

If this is announced for the US, we shall let you know. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep arrives exclusively on the PSP (Square Enix WON’T release a digital copy for the PSP go for some reason) on September 7th in the US and September 9th in EU. Make sure you read PlayStation LifeStyle’s review when it hits to discover if it’s another Triple A Kingdom Hearts title or another ‘Princess and the Frog’.