Ninja Theory’s Next Project To Be “Story-based”

It’s no secret that Ninja Theory is extremely focused on delivering story-driven games.  We saw them take their first stab at it with Heavenly Sword, and then continue to encapsulate that same idea with Enslaved.  Would it be a surprise if Ninja Theory’s next “secret” title is following the same formula?

In a discussion with Digital Spy, Tameem Antoniades revealed a little hint about their next title that was hinted back in March.  Many had speculated that they would be taking a fresh direction on the Devil May Cry (DMC) franchise since they had .  However, with Tameem’s latest comment on the matter, it may cast some doubt on that rumor.

“I think it will be another story-based game, big adventure type thing, that’s all I can really say.”

This doesn’t exactly squash the rumor of a DMC5 project.  Maybe the next DMC will be more story-based, coupled together with the action that we’ve grown to love from the series.  I think it’s safe to assume that Ninja Theory will only be developing games with a strong background story, as Tameem had already stated his stance on the issue.  Looking at the industry as a whole, many AAA titles are taking the “hollywood” approach to game developing, by incorporating voice acting, epic musical scores and a tangible script.

We at PlayStation LifeStyle will continue to update you with any more news as we learn of Ninja Theory’s “secret” work.