EA: Want NBA Jam? You Gotta Buy NBA Elite 11

I think we can all agree on something: When EA Sports announced NBA Jam was returning but as a ‘exclusive’ to the Wii, you were first disappointed because you had to dust off your Wii and second, that it wouldn’t be in glorious HD. Oh and no online play either. Drats. Clean that disappointment off your plate, my friends… after the ESRB leaked that NBA Jam would be coming to the PS3, we’re here to report that the rumors are true! There’s a small catch though…

…you have to buy NBA Elite 11 to get access to it.

Here is how it will work: When you purchase NBA Elite 11, you’ll be given a one-time download code for ‘3 modes of NBA Jam’. All 3 modes will indeed be online enabled so you can show your friends what it means to be a true NBA Jam master. As EA says, your getting ‘two full NBA experiences’ for the price of one come this October.

EA also has vowed that this is the only way to get NBA Jam on your PS3 or Xbox 360 as it will not be made available for purchase and download otherwise.

EA Sports promises there’s a good reason why they changed NBA Live to NBA Elite when it arrives this Fall on the PS3. With an all-new shooting mechanic and ‘hands-on control’ will make it the purest NBA game to date. See for yourself when the demo hits mid-to-late September on the PSN and make sure you check out our review this October when the game hits.