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New Madden 11 PSP Bundle Tackles Retailers

August 3, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Have you been waiting all this time to finally buy a PlayStation Portable? Now’s your chance! With Football season starting in no time, Sony and EA have teamed up to offer a touchdown of a deal for the PSP 3000 and Madden NFL 2011 on the PSP. The best part about this deal is the price and it’s quite the ‘first down’ of a quality deal.

The PSP 3000 by itself runs around $169.99 brand new about anywhere you go. Starting August 10th, the Madden NFL 2011 PSP 3000 Bundle will cost you $169.99 and that comes with the FREE copy of Madden NFL 2011 packed-in! Plus hey, if you don’t want Madden 2011, you could always visit your favorite local game store and trade it in for any of the top 25 games on the PSP.  You might not want to trade it in though, as EA is promising that this years Madden will be one of the best ever!

If you’re new to the PSP scene, then check out our PSP Review section for some of the best PSP reviews around. Make sure to check back for our review on Madden NFL 2011 when the games invades the masses starting next week. Ain’t no fever like Madden Fever! BOOM!