Finish Him! Mortal Kombat Classics 3-in-1 Listed by Retailer

August 5, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Capcom and Namco might have stole some of the thunder from the new Mortal Kombat with the Street Fighter X Tekken crossover, but don’t be fooled… fans of the fighting franchise are still pumped for 2011’s ‘rebirth’ of the popular franchise. If you aren’t excited, you should have seen the enormous line at E3 waiting for just a look at the game. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle were lucky enough to cut-line and get some hands-on and came away truly impressed. MK fans will be most pleased with the newest edition in the series. It looks like Warner Bros. is looking to capitalize off the upcoming hype with the newest MK and if one online retailer is correct, we could be due for a brutal kollection of Kombat Klassics this November.

If a recent game listing by German retailer Game Mania is to be believed, this November we’ll be receiving the ‘Mortal Kombat Classics HD 3-in-1’ collection. I’m going to take a guess and say this will contain the first three titles, however I wouldn’t mind some Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 in place of the original MK3. Hopefully all three will contain online play, seeing as how Mortal Kombat II on the PSN features it and is still one of the best selling PSN titles to date.

This should certainly keep fans of the series busy until the newest Mortal Kombat releases sometime in 2011. For those anxiously awaiting the game, why not read Sev’s E3 Impressions of Mortal Kombat and see why he thought it was ‘easily the best game’ he played at E3 2010.