More Heavy Rain to Fall Before Christmas

August 6, 2010Written by Kyle P.

One of the most heavily anticipated titles to utilize Sony’s latest foray into the motion controller world, the PlayStation Move, is Quantic Dream’s, Heavy Rain. The game released earlier this year to an absolute wave of widespread acclaim, and gamers are eager to literally get their hands involved with the investigation of the Origami Killer. A recent post on the SCEE official blog drops some details that should definitely give even fans tired of Heavy Rain, some incentive to redo their investigation.

According to Ross Alexander, product manager at SCEE, the PlayStation Move version of the game will hit retails this year, sometime before Christmas. Additionally, for gamers who already own the game (which should be everyone, as this game is remarkable), a free patch to allow for PlayStation Move connectivity will be made available to all users, via the PSN. For now, all we have are some screenshots of the game using the PlayStation Move controller. However, Ross confirmed that some trailers of the game in action will be available on the blog, soon.