Voice Actor: Insomniac “Working on More R&C”

Insomniac Games may be preparing to reveal their next PlayStation 3 title – widely believed to be Resistance 3 – however, if a voice actor (who plays the voices of Resistance’s Nathan Hale and Clank from Ratchet and Clank) is to be believed, then Insomniac Games may very well still be offering fans and gamers alike their annual dose of Ratchet & Clank goodness.

David Kaye, the voice of behind Nathan Hale and Ratchet’s sidekick Clank, recently told ShogunGamer during an interview that Insomniac Games are currently working on more Ratchet and Clank.

“There are some interesting developments always coming from Insomniac Games.  We’re working on more R & C currently.”

The pair’s last outing was in the form of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time which was released in the latter stages of 2009. A Crack In Time’s predecessor, Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty, was launched as a PlayStation Network downloadable title. Judging by the franchises’ success with millions of copies sold and not to forget its hugely-impressive critical success, hopefully Insomniac Games are preparing another Ratchet & Clank title which would see the return of one of the most beloved PlayStation duos.

However, when asked if Kaye would be taking roles within any upcoming projects which includes Nathan Hale from the Resistance franchise, he simply responded with “Don’t know about Nate.” While we’re on the subject of Resistance; Insomniac Games recently stated they would be revealing their new PlayStation 3 project anytime between now and the Penny-Arcade Expo – meaning a gamescom reveal is a certain possibility and hopefully comes into fruition. A recent retail listing and evidence regarding the shooters’ setting also added fuel to the fire regarding a Resistance 3 announcement.

Insomniac Games may also be working with EA Partners – consequently leading to a deal which sees a multi-platform title in development for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – but the developers has reiterated on several occasions that despite working the Xbox 360 for their multi-platform game the Spyro developers remain dedicated and loyal to Sony, the PlayStation 3 and its fan base.