Insomniac Still Dedicated to The PS3

From the beloved Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank, to the PlayStation 3 exclusive franchise Resistance, Insomniac Games has been a firm developer for the PlayStation family of consoles for 16 years now. Gamers frequently believe Insomniac to be a part of Sony but they’ve always been an independent developer. The award-winning studio provided a strong reminder of  that when they announced their partnership with Electronic Arts which will see a new franchise from them go multi-platform. If you think Insomniac has forgotten its PS3 fans due to the somewhat shocking announcement, then think again as the studio has reiterated its dedication to Sony’s console and its loyal fans.

Speaking during an interview with CVG, Insomniac boss Ted Price said that the company are still dedicated as ever to the PlayStation 3 and its loyal fans as well as stating that their new game, even though it will go multi-platform, will excite PlayStation 3 owners.

Well, clearly we still love our PS3 fans. I mean, we love the people who play Ratchet and Resistance and we’ve been having a great time communicating with them. And our dedication to PS3, Sony, Ratchet and Resistance remains as strong as ever.

I think [PS3 fans] are going to be just as excited about the new franchise that we’re creating. Because it will be on the PlayStation 3. It will give them a great piece of what Insomniac does well – which is create great entertainment experiences.

To bring this up again, our commitment to Ratchet and Resistance – which are two PlayStation exclusive franchises – will remain as strong as ever.

Like Price stated, PlayStation 3 owners may and very well should be excited about their new IP, and you wouldn’t be a true PlayStation 3 faithful if you don’t see fit to support their new and only (yes, it’s only one) franchise going multi-platform.

Insomniacs’ multi-platform game is yet to be unveiled and, unfortunately, it won’t be appearing at E3, so the “patience is a virtue” statement will undoubtedly apply to some.

Their next PlayStation 3-exclusive title is heavily pointing towards Resistance 3, ever since the infamous Resistance 3 billboard appeared last year.

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