Team ICO’s Ueda Teases TGS Reveal

Director Fumito Ueda gained popularity with his first game, the gorgeously crafted work-of-art, PlayStation 2 exclusive ICO. He later showcased his brilliant talent along with his team, Team ICO, in Shadow of the Colossus. Although the two titles haven’t exactly excelled in the commercial side of things – Shadow of the Colossal selling 566,859 while ICO moved 189,799 units – the series has a phenomenal fan base due to the franchise’s style, artistic gameplay and an unprecedented level of intricate design. Fumito Ueda’s next title is the hotly-anticipated The Last Guardian and although, unfortunately, an E3 2010 showing for the exclusive wasn’t in the cards, the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show may just make up for that.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive not making an appearance during Sony’s E3 presser led to the question of when exactly we’d see more on Ueda’s next masterpiece. SCEA’s Ron Eagle shed some light on the topic of when the title will be shown by stating: “And there’s more dates on the calendar than just E3. Read into that what you will.”

Now, a possibility for the Tokyo Game Show showing The Last Guardian strengthens as ICO and Shadow of the Colossal creator and the man who’s currently leading the team for The Last Guardian, Fumito Ueda, has teased via his recently opened Twitter account that something will be shown at Tokyo Game Show. Can you guess what it is? When asked if it was really Ueda, he replied:

“Yes, it’s me. Thank you for the support. We should be able to show something at Tokyo Game Show, so look forward to it.”

Although the famed developer did not reveal exactly what he’ll be showing at Tokyo Game Show, is there any doubt that what he and his team will be showing is The Last Guardian? The last time the PlayStation 3 exclusive was shown was during E3 2009 where it was officially revealed to the masses via a trailer. Other than that, not much has been revealed regarding the game with Team Ico deciding to concentrate all their time and effort into making another masterpiece. Fair play to them. Tokyo Game Show will be arriving on September 16th where it will continue over a span of days into September 19th.