Get Kicking with Kung Fu Rider’s Trophy List

August 10, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

It’s almost time for the mass audiences to start setting up Move in their living room and with that will come lots of games and of course lots of trophies. One such game, Kung Fu Riders has recently had its trophy list revealed and will feature 13 trophies with one being hidden. Kung Fu Riders looks to bring physics similar to the PSN game Pain as players navigate through crowded streets on an office chair.

Back Breaker (Bronze)

–  Slide for 100m bent backwards

Safe Slider (Bronze)

– Slide 1000m without crashing

The Slasher (Bronze)

– Grind for 1000m (cumulative)

Sliding Millionaire (Bronze)

– Earn $1,000,000

The Gilder (Bronze)

– Stay airborne for 3 seconds

Hyper Slider (Bronze)

– Max out Boost within 10 seconds

The Blaster (Bronze)

– Bash 5000 objects (cumulative)

Hurricane (Bronze)

– Slide 1000m with Power Dash (cumulative)

Chain Master (Bronze)

– Achieve a 30 chain

Town Cleaner (Silver)

– Defeat 100 mafia

Business Nuisance (Silver)

– Destroy 100 red signs

Medal Collector (Silver)

-Obtain all collectible medals